While creating and we tried to get this point across to coaches, parents and players. Conditioning only lasts a few weeks after it stops. Once it stops it is gone forever. Technical training and skill training gets ingrained into the soccer playerandrsquo;s mind and body and becomes a part of them. It will stay there forever.

How to set up the game:

Field size will vary but should be around 40 yards long and 20 yards wide.

Small goals or two cones are placed on each end.

Players are NOT allowed to shoot until they are within 5 yards of the goal.

3 to 4 players stand ready with a ball on their feet on EACH end. They MUST be ready with a ball on their feet.

The first player receives a pass from an opponent at the other end of a small field. They play 1 v 1 challenge until the ball crosses the end line, whether the ball goes in the goal or not. When the ball crosses the end line the player that kicked the ball across the line must now recover quickly as another player waiting with a ball on the same end is taking off trying to score. The former shooter is now the new defender and must recover quickly. That 1 v 1 match ends with a player shooting and then the next player, waiting with a ball, charges off trying to score. Again the player that shot the ball must recover to defend.


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